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When things go awry with your electrical system they can cause a major inconvenience, increase energy bills and event create safety concerns for you and your family. Fast Handy Electric is here to help you. Our estimates are fair, our service superior and our customers come first.

Whole House Rewiring

Benefits to rewiring your home:

Safety: Having your wires correctly installed will prevent any loose wires from harming you and your loved ones from being shocked or even prevent fires from starting.

Peace of Mind: Rewiring helps to increase the lifespan of your home. Plus, knowing that the rewiring was done by professional electricians that guarantee the work will help you sleep at night.

Increase Home Sale value: Rewiring will not only increase your homes lifespan, it will also increase the value. If you decide to sell, you might receive more for it. Maybe even pocket extra hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars!

Up to Code: Eliminate defects and dangerous conditions in your home. If your home if more than 40 years old, your purchasing or selling your home, any remodels, or extension cords power most items; call us today. We’ll provide a solution and a free estimate that fits your needs.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Many homeowners think that the only time that you need to call an electrician is for new construction or when your selling your home. If you suspect an electrical problem, call a professional electrician to assess the issue. Working with electricity can be dangerous. Don’t take a chance, contact us to help.

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